Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GoodBye Spiderweb: Hello GDI:

The Best Part About Spiderweb is GDI. It is the part that pays on time and pays the best. So, I, like a lot of other people in Spiderweb have, for the most part, dropped Spiderweb and gone primarily GDI. Spiderweb is good. But, if GDI is where all of the money is at, then Spiderweb can be a lot of overhead. GDI is a webhosting company. Spiderweb used them for their custom capture pages.

Global Domains or GDI is a Completely separate company from Spiderweb Marketing. They pay well and they pay on time. I am making Leaderboard Bonuses and Monthly Commissions at GDI. Click To Check Out GDI

Plus, GDI is a great webhosting package. They are the official registry for the .ws extension. But, you can get .com .net or whatever. They have sitebuilders, domain forwarding or you can Park the domain and promote just GDI.

Either way, This will probably be my last post for the Spiderweb Marketing Blog. But, I do invite you to check out GDI.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Priced out of the Pay-Per-Click Market? Try MIVA

Monday, February 16, 2009

There Is Hope In Internet Marketing

Several Months ago, when I started the Spiderweb Marketing System, I asked the question:
(Hype or Hope?) That was then and this is now and I must say that my whole attitude towards the possibilities of Online Marketing for the average Joe sitting in front of their computer at home has changed dramatically. By using and - I believe that I have found a match made in Internet Marketing Heaven. I have began to generate a significant Monthly Income from this in just a few months. Also, I have hit the Leaderboards at GDI 4 or 5 times. GDI pays 100 dollars for every 5 signups you get in a 7 day period. Plus, they pay 5 levels deep per month. Which, if developed correctly over time can ultimately provide you with a staggering level of income just from working a few hours a day on the computer. Spiderweb Marketing and GDI together really work. Spiderweb has GDI as well as other streams of income, like Commission Junction. I have been a skeptic for quite some time and probably would have never tried these kinds of things in the past.

We have been conditioned to believe that one must eek out a tiny paycheck every week to try and get by in this world. The Internet has changed all of that. So, I say believe in the technology and let it work for you. Then, instead of just paying your bills Online, you can earn the money to pay those bills too. Peace.....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spiderweb Marketing Rules Man

This Spiderweb Marketing just keeps getting better and better. I really had low expectations when I started this experiment in Internet Marketing. But, Spiderweb Marketing combined with GDI and the other streams of income in the system have truly made me a believer in this whole process. The Internet really puts this kind of stuff into overdrive. You can practically set it up and let it go completely automated. Sound Good. Well, maybe not completely automated. You do have to seriously work and advertise. You have to setup a few blogs. You have to post that link here and there to get people to notice you. is mine and I put that bad boy everywhere I can think of. You may think that this downline building doesn't work. I once thought the same thing. Sometimes you have to be willing to try things anyway. You've got nothing to lose except time.

Then one day in the not so distant future. You can walk into your bosses office and say those Magic Words. You're Fired.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

How To Forward A Website For Your Online Business

A really nifty way to promote your online program is to go to Godaddy and get a cheap domain name. .info names are usually only 99 cents. So, you can get one of these and then go into Godaddy's setup to do the business. For example, I promote a program called Spiderweb Marketing, as you probably figured from the purpose of this blog. My primary web address that I use to promote Spiderweb everywhere is - Well, Search Engines and Youtube probably get tired of crawling that one so that it probably winds up lower in the search engines. Well, you can get 10 or 20 of those cheap .info names and forward them. So, becomes - It switches things up, keeps them fresh and hopefully the end result is to make you more money with whatever program you might be promoting. Just a tip for present and future network marketing geniuses.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Spiderweb Marketing System - Quest Continues.......

I really had some significant progress this past week. I almost made the leaderboards at GDI. It was very interesting.

The more I get into this thing, the more I understand that this is a groundbreaking new way for the average person to make some serious Money Online. The good part is that it is getting better daily. The more you get seen. The more you advertise. The more you never give up, your hard work & patience start to be rewarded with this System. I am making really good money after a couple of months. Soon, it will grow. I'm going for my favorite word. Exponentially.

I tried things like SFI, which is short for Six Figure Income in the past. It seemed as if you were always spinning your wheels with that thing. Like, no matter how much you put in, you just didn't get it back.

With the Spiderweb, you seem to reap what you sow. It is very predictable. It is extremely plausible and definitely possible to make some serious Money by using the techniques in their free video series. I am surprised they give you all of this information for free. I expect that they might eventually charge for all that they are giving away for free. Although, I am not complaining. Because, they have really set me on the path towards success.

Leads come slow at first. But, like I said, you gotta work the system. You can't let the system work you. The Internet is endless. There are countless free & paid ways of advertising. Once you finally get it going, it is truly an accomplishment that you can be proud of.

Another great advantage of being involved with this is the things you get to learn. I mean, my knowledge of the Internet, HTML, SEO, Customer Relations, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, Blogging, Article Creation, Video Production and countless other Online skills have increased dramatically over the past months. I have learned more about how all of this mends together to create what you need to get where you want to go.

I'm not saying it's all easy. You're not gonna be a millionaire overnight. It's definitely a learning experience. But, with The Spiderweb Marketing System, you start to feel more optimistic as you go. You start to see the end game. You began to clearly see the day that you will be making more money than you ever dreamed possible.

If you can learn to apply the training that you receive from this System, you can be successful with Spiderweb Marketing or GDI. I really mean that. I am living proof.

However, it's more than that. If you apply the knowledge you gain from the free Spiderweb Marketing Videos, you can be successful at any business venture. That includes everything from Internet Marketing to the Local 5 & Dime. That is how good this business training is. You just don't get something for free which is that valuable everyday.

Believe me or don't believe me. There are always going to be skeptics. Skeptical is a good thing. It keeps you from getting ripped off. Be skeptical, yet be careful not to miss the real opportunities when they finally come along.


The Hallster

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Spiderweb Marketing System - Going Good

The SpiderWeb Marketing System

Signing people up & Getting People In. It can be tough at first. But, it gets easier as you go. People, we have to come together, collaborate our ideas and work as a team. United we stand. Divided we fail. The SpiderWeb Marketing backoffice gives you the training, tools and the information you need to succeed.

You can be creative. Make your own blogs. Get some Squidoo going on. Visit message boards & post your ads. There are traffic exchanges that a lot of people use. On the internet, the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination. Let it guide you towards success.

The only thing we have to fear is our own skepticism.

Or, just use the boyscout motto & do your best. Maybe that was the Cub Scouts. Anyway, be prepared & you will probably do your best. (LOL)